Spending Dashboard – My Iron Viz Entry!

Instead of using an excel sheet, I had setup a SQL server and had this page to input my data. Dirty, I know. But with this, I could update my database on my phone.

I like eating out, especially for sushi. Funnily, I’ve only been to Mastro’s Steakhouse once, and yet I spent the most on their delicious steak! It was well worth it by the way. I only go to the grocery once or twice a month.

It’s nice to see I have a nice balance of cash-credit-debit usage. That changes with each category though. I’m pretty surprised I spent almost as much cash as credit for food. I remember using credit a lot more often. I guess it accounts for the times I pay my friends using cash whenever they spot me.

I have a strong bias towards Chevron, despite having a Valero half a mile away from my house. Running out of gas after going to the mall? I’m going to Chevron. It must be the blue color.

Big purchases such as basketball shoes, music festival tickets, and expensive steaks are the main wallet killers for me. It’s pretty eye-opening. Whenever I make a large transaction, I comfort myself by saying “hey, you deserve it because you didn’t spend on x!” Turns out that way of thinking just makes me spend more.

I also live with my parents, which explains why I don’t have housing expenses.

I received some advice from reddit to try growing crops, to save on food expenses. I’m pretty excited for that! It should be healthier to cook at home too! Maybe I’ll gather some data about cooking and growing crops. Can’t wait!

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